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‘Radcliffe’ was derived from Red Cliff, a bank of the river Irwell filled with sandstone on which the little town is located. Radcliffe comes under he Metropolitan Borough of Bury in Greater Manchester, it is located at 4 km south-west of Bury and 11 km northwest of Manchester. Radcliffe is mentioned in the Domesday Book and it has a history of more than 6,000 years including links to the Romans, the Mesolithic period and other interesting parts of the pre-historic age.

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Area guide

There are many medieval buildings like the parish church, Radcliffe tower and a tithe barn.
The town generates electricity locally with from Radcliffe Power Station, Radcliffe was popular as a mill town when many cotton spinning factories were located in the town.
The original record made in 1202, about a parish church devoted to St Mary the Virgin provides proof of the town having a church of its own during the pre-historic period.
Although some parts of the present church may have been built during 13th century, the Radcliffe tower dates from 1665, St Thomas church was established in 1819, however the current building dates from 1864, St John’s church was founded in its present site in 1897.
During the 18th century, Methodism was followed by many citizens and hence you can see many Wesleyan chapels in this town.
The industrial revolution brought the cotton spinning and coal industries to Radcliffe, Radcliffe was also famous for its manufacture and treatment of paper.
Radcliffe Paper Mill and East Lancashire Paper Company were two vast paper giants operated from Radcliffe years ago, both of the paper factories have since been demolished.
Radcliffe was given the status of an urban district during the year 1894 and it came under Metropolitan Borough of Bury during 1974.
Industrial revolution during the 18th century brought much development to the town, most of the mills operated during that period were been demolished with new industries taking their place.
Radcliffe once had about 60 mills producing textiles and there were some 15 mills for dyeing, bleaching and raising the finished cloth.
The Peel family started the first mill in Radcliffe, Sir Robert Peel is regarded as the founder of the police force of England.
The main industry of Radcliffe was cotton and the Pioneer Mill situated on the banks of river Irwell was the biggest mill of the town, East Lancashire Paper Mill was started during the year 1862 and it employed a large number of local people, during 2001 it was closed and the documents of this paper mill are conserved at Bury Archives.
Dobson and Barlow, the world’s first high-quality textile machinery manufacturers was set up in 1790 and shifted to Bradley Fold from Bolton during 1906.
Coal is mined in Radcliffe and the mining has a history stretching back to the Middle-Ages.
Outwood Colliery, a huge colliery was opened during 1840 and it was closed in 1931 when a fire broke out in the mines, now, it is part of the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trial.
Coal is mined in Radcliffe and the mining has a history stretching back to the Middle-Ages.
Outwood Colliery, a huge colliery was opened during 1840 and it was closed in 1931 when a fire broke out in the mines, now, it is part of the Irwell Valley Sculpture Trial.
The Town Hall of Radcliffe was located on the junction of Spring Lane and Water Street, the building was unoccupied for many years and now it is used as private accommodation.
Radcliffe is now located in the county of Manchester, however earlier it was considered the centre of Lancashire.
Radcliffe town can be considered an Island as one side is bounded by River Irwell and the other sides were bounded by Bury, Bolton and Manchester Canals.
The manor of Radcliffe dates back to 1086 and it is mentioned in the Domesday survey.
King Edward the Confessor resided in this manor and the dilapidated Radcliffe Tower is in the south-east corner of the manor, when the land of the manor was apportioned, Nicholas FitzGilbert de Talbois acquired the surname from the manor and hence he became famous as Nicholas de Radcliff, for many centuries the Radcliffe family resided in the Manor and many tales are told about their families.
Radcliffe was served by Bury to Manchester Victoria railway line with a railway station between Church Street West and Spring Lane, the Metro link was opened in 1992 and now the town is well connected to other parts of the neighbourhood.
Prior to the 1960s, there was a line between Little Lever and Bolton which was later closed.
The Clifton to Ramsbottom line is the original railway line of the town and now this line is connected with the A665 Pilkington Way.
Outwood Viaduct has been re-established and the railway line from the southwest of the town is used as a trail which also forms a part of the Irwell Sculpture Trail.
Radcliffe Bus station is situated between Irwell and Dale Street. Manchester, BuryCanal and Bolton runs through the town and it was once considered main source of trade for Radcliffe.
Radcliffe is presently undergoing a series of changes under the plan ‘Reinventing Radcliffe’, the changes that are planned include a novel state-of-the-art school, town centre living and many others.
Radcliffe High School and Coney Green High School will be replaced by the new school; also, the two schools have been renamed as Radcliffe Riverside West Campus and Radcliffe Riverside East Campus.
Radcliffe is the ideal place for a short trip; it can be easily reached from Manchester or Lancashire and is the perfect base in North West England.
The town has beautiful countryside and a wealth of attractions, there are many parks and various outdoor and recreational activities on offer, Irwell Sculpture Trail, Skate Park and Outwood Park are a few attractions.
For sports lovers, the town has a football ground and whilst tourists can enjoy sailing on the river.
There are many cafes and restaurants in the town and a variety of accommodation is available. The town can be accessed by metro link, bus or by car, there are free car parks in Radcliffe, visitors can have a traditional and thrilling shopping experience here.
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