Carpet Cleaning Manchester

Carpet Cleaning Services in Greater Manchester

Your specialist carpet cleaner will carry out this service – it is not something for the general cleaner to deal with. We will take into consideration all the specific needs of your property. Each carpet has its own unique characteristics. You’ve got to consider traffic flow, fibre type, source of soiling, age of the carpet or previous cleaning methods.

How is it done?

Step 1: Pre-Vacuum

All areas to be cleaned are Pre-Vacuumed with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner removing any dry soil particles in the fabric, Step 1 will remove around 70% of soil (Dirt) in your carpets.

Step 2: Pre-Conditioning

After Pre-Vacuuming, the areas are sprayed using the Cleaning solutions (based on the survey and the PH testing) The cleaning solution may include heavy traffic treatment, spot solution or deodoriser.

The cleaning solution will break down the embedded dirt  missed by the dry vacuum loosening any remaining soil and stains.

Your carpet cleaner will only use eco-friendly materials that are child and pet friendly.

Step 3: Agitation

Your carpet cleaning technician will work the solution into the pile by using a professional rotary brush ensuring a deep and comprehensive clean.

Step 4: Extraction

For step 4, carpet technician uses his industrial strength high pressure extraction cleaning machine, The extraction process flushes the remaining dirt and pre-conditioned solutions out of the carpet. As part of the extraction process a specially formulated rinse aid is  used to assist with drying time and leaving your carpet fresh and clean and free from solution residue.

Step 5: Turbo Drying

Your carpet cleaner uses professional air blowers on all treated areas to reduce drying time, Typically carpets take between two to eight hours to dry, using this method will drastically reduce the drying time. Furniture will be placed on polystyrene blocks to ensure no marks are left on the finished carpet.

Step 6: Stain Protection (optional)

Your carpet cleaner can also offer a full stain protection service as an extra upgrade. Our stain protection solution creates an invisible layer that will not change the look or feel of it. In addition to protection from stains, accidents this solution can extend the life of the fibres by up to 50%  reducing abrasive wear and protecting against most stains.

As well as carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning can help keep your sofas and chairs in tip top condition.

Rest assured that carpet and upholstery cleaners booked through firstmaid.co.uk offers the absolute best in Manchester. You will be delighted with the results and impressed by the prices.

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Our top cleaning tips

For isolated stains, it’s always best to get them up as soon as possible before they really dry into the carpet material. Don’t be tempted to wipe any stains – blot them instead to prevent the stain from smudging or going deeper into the carpet. While it’s possible to spot clean using a detergent, it’s also worth trying these handy stain remover tricks, too, depending on the source of the stain.