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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions answered for you:

What information do I need to provide when I first contact you?

We will need your name, address, email address and contact telephone number.  We’ll also need to know the size of the property and will also ask you some questions to help us fully understand your needs.  This is usually all achieved through the enquiry/registration form on the website. Once we have some basic details about your property and required services, we will send you a quote by email.

If your cleaners arrive and find the requirements are very different to those described they may not go ahead with the job. Instead, the price may need to be adjusted.  You would normally be advised of any change before they started cleaning the property.  It is very unusual for this to happen as most people do describe their property and requirements fairly.

How much does cleaning cost?

The price depends on your requirements.  You can book cleaners on an hourly rate.  Alternatively, a set price can be agreed based on the size of property and your specific needs.

There is minimum charge of £40 that we must apply to even small jobs.  This is because all jobs involve travelling and incur back-office expenses.

For a list of services and prices please click here.

How do I pay?

We will send you a booking confirmation. We will also let you know whether a deposit is needed. We will then include a link to our secure on-line payment platform.  If you want to go ahead and book you will need to follow the link and pay the deposit.  The balance will be collected from the same account on the day of the clean or shortly after the cleaning has been completed.

How often can I have a cleaner?

You can book a cleaner as often as you like. Fortnightly visits are a popular choice but weekly or monthly cleans can also be organised. If you have something special going on, you can book a one-off visit, either in addition to your regular clean or just that once.

Can I book a cleaner at short notice?

We can sometimes help at short notice but booking in advance will help ensure you get the date and time of day you prefer.

Can I book cleaners to arrive at the same time each week?

Cleaners cannot guarantee exactly how long each clean will take and journey times between jobs can vary due to traffic. Therefore, as a result, they cannot guarantee exactly what time they will reach your home. If it is extremely important for you to ensure your cleaner/s arrive at your property at a set time we recommend an early morning appointment.  Alternatively, you’ll be provided with an estimated arrival time. The cleaner will let you know prior to arrival if they will be a little earlier or later than planned.

Do I need to be in when the cleaners are due to arrive?

Cleaners can hold a set of keys for your property so it is not essential that you are home when they clean. Many customers move to this option within a few weeks of having regular cleaning as it’s so convenient for them. If you home when cleaners are working, they are discreet as possible and try not cause unnecessary disturbance. A key collection service and/or return to a different address can also be arranged at an additional small charge.

Although it is not essential, it is recommended you are at your property when the cleaners are due to finish so they know you are 100% happy with the results.  This is especially true for a first clean or one-off clean.

Will the cleaners want refreshments while they work?

Cleaners will always provide their own refreshments, such as bottled water.  If you want to offer a cup of tea or something then that is completely up to you. If the weather is hot or the clean is over three hours then the cleaners may stop for a short break. This should, however, not impact on the quality of your home clean.

Do I need to leave instructions for the cleaners each week? (regular cleans)

It will not be necessary for you to leave notes each week for the cleaners unless your needs have changed since you first registered for cleaning. If you have something special you would like the cleaners to do within the time booked you can leave a note or let us know by email and we will make sure the cleaner gets the message.

Will the cleaners use my cleaning equipment?

This varies and will be agreed with you according to your requirements and the type of job you are booking. For regular city centre cleans we recommend providing your own equipment such as vacuums, mops etc. as we can then send cleaners on foot and this will save you paying for parking. For big jobs such as end of tenancy cleans the teams carry the equipment they need to complete your clean to the highest standards.

If you would prefer your cleaners to use your own products and/or equipment please let us know when you make your booking.


Occasionally, things do break when they are being cleaned, no matter how careful the cleaner. You should take reasonable precautions. Please ensure breakable items are not left in positions where they could easily be damaged by accident. You should alert cleaners to any items of high monetary or sentimental value.

What happens if I go on holiday or need to cancel a clean?

If you have regular cleaning bookings and want to skip a week please email and we will let the cleaner(s) know.  The more notice the better as it allows cleaners to take bookings to fill any empty slots. If you cancel a booking with less than one working day’s notice a 30% cancellation fee will be applied.

What if I’m not happy with the cleaning?

If you aren’t happy with the service you receive from your cleaner/s then please let them know. Cleaners don’t want to have unhappy customers. It’s important to report any concerns as soon as possible, ideally at the time of the cleaning visit so any issues can be dealt with. If this doesn’t work you can let us know and we do our best to help.

More frequently asked questions can be answered. We are happy to answer any additional questions – just email us on

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