One in five Millennials is hiring a Cleaner

It’s the new must-have for co-habiting Millennials. And no, it’s NOT Millennial pink walls or Instagrammable neon lights. It’s a time saver that, to be honest, most of us dream of… our very own cleaner. It seems that the multiple jobs and ‘side hustles’, demanding social lives and long commutes are taking their toll, and […]

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Can you clean without using harsh chemicals?

Natural Cleaning Products Baking soda, a common baking ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral (known as sodium bicarbonate) with many great cleaning properties. It cuts through grease because it reacts with fatty acids to form mild detergents. It also softens water, removes stains and acts as a whitening agent, therefore great for the laundry. When […]

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25 Things Your Cleaner Won’t Tell You

Manchester Cleaners Blog 25 Things Your Cleaner Won’t Tell You Are you your house cleaner’s favourite client? Here, house cleaners from around the world come clean about what it’s like to clean house. 1. Don’t ask me to clean your five-bedroom house and then say you need it done in two hours. Make sure you give […]

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