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Chorlton is a popular residential area lying approximately 5 miles from Manchester City Centre. It is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood with traditional family areas alongside younger, vibrant communities. The area has good road and bus access to and from the city centre and is situated within easy access to the motorway network. Chorlton Park is a popular residential area with a population of approximately 12,806 residents (2007 estimate).

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Regular cleaning in Chorlton

If you need a regular cleaner in Chorlton to look after your home then we can organise the very best professional cleaners for you.  You’ll find booking and paying for your cleaner in Chorlton through really easy and convenient with fast and helpful support from our office if needed. Your friendly and hardworking cleaner will clean your home on a day and at a time which is convenient for you. Simply fill in the on-line enquiry form today and before you know it you’ll be able to book your regular cleaner in Chorlton.

Move in/move out / End of Tenancy cleaning in Chorlton

If you’re moving out of rented property in Chorlton then why not book an end of tenancy cleaning service through  The cleaners will arrive with all their own equipment so there’s no need to worry about buying expensive cleaning products and materials.  A professional end of tenancy clean can help you get your deposit back from your landlord or agent.  We can provide written confirmation that the property has been professionally cleaned.
Moving into a new home in Chorlton?  Why not let us help reduce the stress of moving and get your new Chorlton home thoroughly cleaned and freshened for you to move into. Whether you have just bought or you are renting, it feels great to know you’re moving into a clean home. To organise your experienced end of tenancy cleaner in Chorlton just fill in our on-line enquiry and we’ll quickly get back to you with prices and availability.

Deep cleaning in Chorlton / Spring clean in Chorlton

Need deep cleaning in Chorlton for a special occasion? A deep clean can take care of all the cleaning jobs that only need doing from time to time as well as everything you would expect from a high quality standard cleaning service. Just leave it in the hands of your professional domestic cleaners in Chorlton and all the tough and detailed work of a deep clean will all be done for you.  Whether you have important visitors coming to stay, you’re getting a home ready to sell or rent out, or you just want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home has had a real spring clean, we’re confident you’ll get the results you want.
We understand you may have special requirements and your cleaners will be happy to provide a service tailored to meet your personal needs.
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All prices can be seen on the website so our transparent pricing policy means you’ll know exactly what the cleaning costs.  We know that every home is different but our cleaning specifications also show what you can expect when booking domestic cleaning in Chorlton. Cleaning prices for Chorlton are fully inclusive with no hidden extras.
Professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services can also be arranged with us. We believe booking through will provide you with the best quality domestic cleaning service at a sensible and affordable price.

Area guide Cleaner in Chorlton

The ward lies approximately four miles south of Manchester city centre and five miles from Manchester International Airport and is made up from four neighbourhoods; Barlow Moor, Merseybank, Sandy Lane and West Didsbury. With its village green, trendy shops and eateries, and fine stock of period housing, Chorlton gives Didsbury a run for its money… The name Chorlton is said to derive from ‘tún’ (meaning farm, settlement or homestead) and ‘ceorl’ (meaning a freeman of the lowest class), giving us a full title similar to ‘settlement of the peasants’. Peasants are a bit thin on the ground nowadays. The boundless popularity of next-door Didsbury; the garden suburb triumph that is Chorltonville; Nineties’ gentrification, and classy housing all round has seen to that. Mind you, if the peasants of yore could drop by for a visit they wouldn’t find the place completely unrecognisable The ancient centre of the village, Chorlton Green, still feels long ago and a world apart from its bustling shopping thoroughfares to the north and east, and you have constant reminders around every corner that half of this postcode is green. Running along the natural southern border of the River Mersey are two nature reserves, a golf course and playing fields. Bolstered further by recreation grounds, parks and a titanic-sized cemetery, Chorlton has an open and rural aspect unrivalled within Manchester. By a quirk of the postcode boundary much of Manley Park to the north comes within the aegis of Chorlton-cum-Hardy. The lack of immediate open areas seems very un-Chorlton, and the place is hurried along the Manchester Road (B5217) as it points you to Old Trafford. Away from the main drag the Park seems equally split into Edwardian villas and perfectly respectable bow-windowed inter-war semis. If the density of the buildings seems at odds with the rest of the M21 postcode the nature of the housing stock does not, and those priced out of Chorlton Green will find good family homes here within reach of the Primary Schools of Oswald Road andSt. John’s. The presence of the central library and leisure centre are additional benefits. The Green forms the natural heart of Chorlton-cum-Hardy. There is a patchwork of housing styles in the vicinity. Many of the vast Victorian and Edwardian villas have succumbed to modern ways and now provide sought-after flats in this quiet part of town. Interspersed with them are smaller semis of similar antiquity and a few brick cottages that are older still. Some modern apartment block developments can be found in the area, and the Lawngreen and Finney blocks close to the southern edge of the Green are particularly large and impressive. But even these cannot overcome the quiet pre-First World War tenor of the place. The Green’s popularity is immediately apparent to all first-time visitors and Brookburn Primary Schoolon its southern edge adds to the allure. If the Green has a rival for being top housing dog in the M21 postcode it is Chorltonville. This is no organic development like the Green, but the product of the Edwardian Garden Village movement, created by two chapel-going businessmen by the name of J.H. Dawson and W.H. Vowles. The aim was to provide superior accommodation for the workers of Hulme but the houses, built to fifteen prototypes by young Mancunian architect Albert Cuneo, proved irresistible to the professional classes of Manchester. The estate was formally opened on 7th October 1911 and has never looked back. Its wealth of detail continues to delight, with canted bays to the side, sprocketed roofs, cruciform chimney stacks, circular stained windows, contrasting quoins and tile ‘voussoirs’, or wedge-shaped bricks. Incredibly, to modern eyes, the houses were never originally meant for sale but were only rented out for the kingly sum of £24 per annum. The movement that spawned the estate more than lived up to its name and if it’s a sizeable garden you want in this part of the world, then Chorltonville is the place to come. 260 original homes make up this pristine Garden Estate. Running east from Chorltonville is Barlow Moor, whose reputation may not rise to its Village neighbour but which manages to have even wider streets than its salubrious companion. You will have to travel some distance to find grass verges on the scale of the Moor, with even the houses on its side streets seemingly determined to stay a long way away from their opposite numbers. The housing is sizeable, with drives to match, and generally cut into small terraces with diagonal-facing semis at road junctions and all of a piece with their flat-front gables. On Barlow Moor road itself the houses are suitably larger, with some particularly splendid mansard properties standing out. Barlow Hall Primary School and its massive grounds are also a major feature of the district. A small irony of this part of the world is that its sector closest to Didsbury has the smallest housing. The tight-knit Merseybank estate shelters in the lee of the dual carriageway of Princess Roadand the River Mersey. This 1930s council estate of five hundred houses (350 of which are three-bed affairs) has had its fair share of tenant-bought property but some council renting has continued. It is undoubtedly an improving area, with a new all-under-one-roof community centre with playgroups and training facilities. A few modern estate blocks have joined the inter-war development to the north and west. Southern Cross High School straddles the border between Merseybank and Barlow Moor. Merseybank is also the closest part of M21 to the newly rebuilt Withington Hospital in West Didsbury. At the Barlow Moor Community Centre younger parents can avail themselves of a community creche onMerseybank Avenue. Hidden away from the main roads in north Chorlton, behind the Southern Cemetery, Chorlton Park and Hough End Playing Fields, is the Nell Lane Estate. Council-built between 1977 and 1980, it has, like Merseybank, undergone certain changes with right-to-buy taking over many of the properties. Its chief attraction is undoubtedly its wide range of house sizes, with anything up to six-bedroom affairs in the vicinity – just as well, with the presence of two high schools, St. Thomas Aquinas and Oakwood High. At the other end of the educational scale there is an adult and toddler group at nearby Chorlton Park. This, and Oakwood School, also host adult education classes. cleaner in chorlton
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