Cleaning Tips

End of tenancy cleaning checklist

Oven cleaning services

End of tenancy cleaning can be a bit of a daunting task so we have put together a handy checklist to help assist you. What is end of tenancy cleaning? End of tenancy cleaning (EOT) is an agreement that a tenant agrees on with their landlord upon rental of a property, where it is agreed […]

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Cleaning Tricks

cleaning tricks

Can you clean without using harsh chemicals? Natural Cleaning Products Baking soda, a common baking ingredient is a naturally occurring mineral (known as sodium bicarbonate) with many great cleaning properties. It cuts through grease because it reacts with fatty acids to form mild detergents. It also softens water, removes stains and acts as a whitening […]

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Cleaning your bathroom

Fancy cleaning your bathroom? There are lots of clever tips and tricks to achieve an always sparkling bathroom. Follow the Good Housekeeping Institute’s expert advice to keep yours sparkling and fresh. 1. Mouldy grouting or sealant can be removed with a toothbrush dipped in a solution of one part bleach to four parts water. If the […]

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25 Things Your Cleaner Won’t Tell You

25 things your cleaner won't tell you - blog

25 Things Your Cleaner Won’t Tell You – Manchester Cleaners Blog Are you your house cleaner’s favourite client? Here, house cleaners from around the world come clean about what it’s like to clean house. 1. Don’t ask me to clean your five-bedroom house and then say you need it done in two hours. Make sure you […]

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Do-It-All Cleaning Guide

How to Clean Acrylic and Glass Surfaces Dust the surface with a clean, damp cloth or chamois, wiping gently. The damp cloth cuts down on friction, helping reduce static electricity, which holds the dust. Wash with a mild detergent and water solution for acrylic or with an ammonia and water solution or glass cleaner for […]

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