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Why Should You Hire A Professional Spring Cleaning Service?

Why should you hire a professional spring cleaning service? read the blog

Spring Cleaning Season: How To Carry Out Deep Cleaning Of The House

Welcome to spring season! The season that melts away the ice, chills, and dryness that came with winter. The flowers would bloom once again, the animals would come out from their hibernation chamber, and you will be able to open your windows once more without the fear of your entire room being covered up in the snow. It is also time for you to go hang your fur coats and perhaps hit the gym and start working for your ‘summer body’.

All these are what the average person living in Manchester or any other city would think. However, there is one thing they always seem to forget… Deep cleaning or as it is known in the spring season, spring cleaning.

As the name suggests, spring cleaning or deep cleaning can be said to be the act of carrying out a thorough cleaning of a house during spring. This exercise will significantly help you rid your home of all the antiquity that came with winter and freshen it up to fit in with the new comings of spring while you anticipate summer.

Now, spring cleaning or deep cleaning requires a whole lot of routine, some degree of expertise, and some really sophisticated equipment to be carried out successfully and effectively. If you are aware that you lack the expertise, technical know-how, equipment, and zeal to carry out spring cleaning service, it is best for you to seek the help of someone who possesses all these things.

You don’t need to go door to door, asking for who will be kind enough to help you deep clean your house, as there are lots of agencies and companies out there that specialise in the execution of deep cleaning services. They are not hard to find either, a simple search on any search engine, e.g. Google will show you some of the best options available to you. For instance, searching the term ‘Manchester local cleaner’ will provide results of some of the best cleaners in the cleaning industry close to Manchester. All you then have to do is contact your preferred choice, negotiate terms and price that are mutually beneficial and get your house expertly cleaned!

Now, you will agree with me that for anything in life to be done effectively, there needs to be something involved… zeal! Yes! It’s the zeal to write that made me pick up my laptop and whip up this piece. It is your zeal for calculating large numbers that made you take that accounting job. It is the zeal to play football that made Cristiano Ronaldo abandon school. Likewise, for you to carry out an effective deep cleaning on your house, you need to have the zeal for it. Do you want a fresh-looking house free of germs and the likes? Then you would definitely enjoy this exercise. Are you the “I couldn’t care less” type? Then you most likely wouldn’t like carrying this exercise. Neither would you see the need to employ a deep cleaning services company. However, you are in luck as I will not give up on you. See, I believe that one reason why most people aren’t psyched about engaging in some exercises is ignorance, and that is what I am hoping to cure in this article… your ignorance of spring/deep cleaning. How? By giving you in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about deep cleaning. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in!

P.S. It is going to be a long ride, but I assure you, it is going to be worth your time, not to mention, immensely beneficial to your home. So, stay with me.

Why Do You Need To Deep Clean Your House This Spring Season?

The general reason we clean our houses is to rid the house of dust and its relatives (stains, cobwebs, etc.). These unwanted elements are especially more in the house during winter no thanks to the general dryness and the wind that helps transport these dirt substances into our houses via windows, front doors, and other outlets. With spring season comes a new beginning, why should your house be deprived of it?

In this case, the regular cleaning you would carry out every other day won’t be enough to rid the house of all the dust and germs that came with winter and made your house their not-so-humble abode. You need something more, something more thorough, you need to carry out deep cleaning services (or spring cleaning service) on the entirety of your house and give it that brand new home feeling once again.

Riddle me this. When moving to a new house, do you just sweep/vacuum the floors, dust the shelves and settle down? Definitely not! You carry out an extensive cleaning and disinfecting of the house in its entirety. In the same vein, what spring cleaning is asking you to do is treat your house as though it was a new house you plan on moving into and clean it from head to toe, just once every year albeit during the season of spring when the one season notorious for welcoming lots of dust might have ended. Carrying out a deep cleaning of your house days before or during the season of winter is like sweeping your room right before your 100 friends come in with their sandy shoes.

What Is The Difference Between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning?

Put simply, regular cleaning are those minimum cleanings you carry out in your house every other day while deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the entire house. This is not to say that deep cleaning can’t also be carried out ‘every other day’, but you would need to have a lot of time and energy (or money to employ deep cleaning services) to spare. At some point, you would find it needless, hectic and tiring — something like washing your clean and unworn clothes over and over again.

Regular cleaning is usually carried out daily with the aim of maintaining some degree of cleanliness in the house. For this, you don’t need to employ the services of any spring clean service or search for the best cleaners in Manchester. It usually covers things like mopping the floors, cleaning appliances in the kitchen, cleaning the bathroom, dusting the shelf, television, and other appliances, and the general tidying up of the entire house,

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is mostly carried out annually. It is more technical and complicated than regular cleaning as it aims to totally rid the house of dirt, including those hiding in areas that the regular cleaning won’t cover. If you aren’t up to the task in this case, you can outsource the job to one of the numerous deep cleaning services out there. Deep cleaning covers things like inside kitchen appliances, under the sink, under the rug, corners of the room, under the bed, etc.

To summarise, regular cleaning is of paramount importance as it helps keep your house from looking like a pig sty. However, deep cleaning ensures that not only the outward appearance of your house looks neat, those hidden corners also need to be taken care to prevent contaminations and what not.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Spring Cleaning Service?

After knowing about what spring cleaning is all about and its importance, the next question on your mind now should be whether it is better to do it yourself or hire a spring cleaning service to help you get the job done. Judging by the subheading of this section, you already know which option I will advise you to lean towards. All that’s left now is to give you reasons why I think hiring the help of a firm or agency skilled in deep cleaning services will be the better option when carrying out the job yourself is the alternative.

  1. You Get To Save Your Time and Energy

This is a fairly self-explanatory point. While deep cleaning might seem pretty easy on paper (I mean, how hard can the cleaning under the sink and all corners of the house be?), you will have to agree with me that in reality, it is a whole lot stressful and time-consuming.

After being through all what you have over the week, the last thing you want to do is bring out the brushes, mops, and brooms and embark on a cleaning journey that would most likely take the major part of your day. Doing this, you have wasted time and energy that might have been better off being utilised somewhere else.

By employing the services of agencies that carry out deep cleaning services, you get to preserve your energy and most importantly, your time. Spend those things on something else. Go on a date, go for a walk, play with your kids, and my personal favourite, sleep.

  1. Quick, and Stress-free Service

One wonderful thing about employing the services of professional deep cleaners is the fact it helps you relieve stress. Stress is the underlying cause of so many medical conditions, and we are all advised to things that help us avoid it at all costs. Opting to outsource the task that comes with spring cleaning season to an agency skilled in deep cleaning services is one of those things that will help you maintain a stress-free life.

One other argument in favour of professionals is the fact that employing them is less time-consuming. For instance, if you were to hire a professional spring cleaning service in Manchester, your city of residence, looking for a Manchester local cleaner known to be one of the best cleaners in the business shouldn’t be hard at all. Once you agree to the price and terms of the exercise with them, they start the job and complete it within a few hours! This is possible as these companies have plenty of workers who are immensely skilled in this line of work. One skilled person would do a better job than you and in a shorter time duration, now imagine how much shorter it would take 10 or 20 people.

  1. It Helps You Save Money

Don’t adjust your glasses or seat cushions, I know what I wrote and yes, hiring professional deep cleaners really does help you save money, and although it would have been a strong case for argument, I am not referring to the popular saying ‘time is money’.

What are the things you get when you want to carry out a spring cleaning service yourself? You buy detergents, brushes, mops, waste bags, gloves, disinfectants, etc. to carry out the cleaning. You don’t have a ladder to help you reach the hidden corners in high places, so you rent or buy one. In all likelihood, you are scared to go into the ceiling and other similar places, so you hire someone to help you take care of that aspect (let’s not forget the supervision this person would require).

Take all these and others into account, and you will see that the total money you’ve spent would be higher or just a wee bit less than the amount you would have paid for professional deep cleaning services. Now, remember that you are no expert and would most likely not get it right the first time and would need to carry out the cleaning the second time or forget it and leave your house partially germ free. You’ve spent so much money and time already for the house to be left like that.

Take all these into consideration and ask yourself ‘is it really worth it?’ In my opinion, it isn’t, and I will pick paying for a professional spring cleaning service over spending more and carrying out a not-so-professional job myself any day!

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Hiring A Professional Spring Cleaning Service

  • Professional deep cleaning services help make sure your house is sparkling clean as they pay utmost attention to the cleaning of your house, knowing fully well that the success of their business depends on it.
  • Professionals in the spring cleaning service are up to date with the best and most effective equipment there is on the market that would help add to the look and feel of the house. They also know a whole lot of techniques to help rid one’s home of stubborn stains that one finds hard to remove by one’s self
  • House cleaning done by professionals always trumps than cleaning carried out individually and helps make the house look more organised and well-maintained

Outsourcing deep cleaning services to some of the best cleaners in the business come with some disadvantages such as:

  • While they are known for being organised, they might end up rearranging certain things in your house or tampering with the overall settings of somewhere in your house. This might lead items not being in their traditional places and you looking for things that aren’t lost.
  • There is also the case of invasion of privacy as you might not be free to do so many things while they are around
  • Lastly, despite these deep cleaning services firm doing their best to ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of their brand, there is always the fear of theft and robbery emanating from giving a ‘Manchester local cleaner’ access to your house to carry out deep cleaning services. However, this can be eliminated by close supervision.

How To Carry Out Spring Cleaning

In the event that you decide to carry out the deep cleaning yourself, the least you can do is to ensure you get it right. It is only advisable to do so when you have people on ground to help you out. These could be your family members or/and your friends. The saying ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well’ should be at the back of everyone’s minds as they all embark on the deep cleaning journey.

There are certain techniques you can make use to make the spring cleaning exercise fun and well carried out as though it were outsourced to an agency that specialises in deep cleaning services. These techniques are what will be discussed in this section.

  1. Get The Needed And Ideal Equipment

One way to ensure you enjoy any task you are given is to have the necessary tools on hand. You can’t effectively cook without a pot. Sure, you can make use of a stainless bowl but will you enjoy it? In the same vein, you don’t expect to carry out an effective deep cleaning job with tools you use to carry out regular cleaning. Sure, they could work to an extent, but they would end up slowing down the process and getting you and your helpers frustrated.

  1. Draft A Plan

One thing you don’t want to do is go into deep cleaning without a plan. You and your team might end up cleaning a particular space or spot multiple times while ignoring other parts that require cleaning. Drafting a plan to carry out the cleaning exercise would be more helpful.

This can be done by cleaning from room to room and allocating each room to the people who will help you in the spring cleaning service. It would also help to draft out a way in which you want the room to be cleaned. Telling them to start with the ceiling fans then working their way from the far right corner of the room to where the door is situated would give them a better sense of what they ought to do. Failure to do this might lead to one cleaning the fan after they might have cleaned the entire room. Of course, dust particles from the dusty fan would fly over to the already corners. To avoid situations like this, planning is essential.

  1. Organise The Clutter

Clutter are those things you aren’t using but take up space, constitute dirt, and might make the house look disorganized. Organizing them would help you make the present and subsequent spring cleaning session much easier.

You can do this by grouping them into four categories:

  • Trash: Those that are so damaged you ought to throw them away, g. empty bottles, cans, clothes, etc.
  • Giveaway: These are those items you no longer need but are still of good quality and will be needed by other people, g. kitchen utensils, clothes, etc.
  • Store: These are those things that are of use to you either frequently or often such as cleaning equipment, clothes, shoes, photo albums, etc.
  • Put-away: These are those items that are of no use to you currently but would definitely be in the future, g. spare kitchen utensils and appliances

After you might have figured out what category each clutter belongs to and sent them there, you will find your cleaning much easier.

  1. Focus More On The Seasonal Chores

Seasonal chores are those chores you most likely do every year rather than every day. Don’t misquote me. I am not saying you shouldn’t also clean the shelf or sweep the floors, I am saying you should spend less time and effort on them (you clean them every two or three days) and focus more on those areas you neglect for months such as the patios, the windows, the grills, etc.

Doing this will help you save time and energy as you carry out deep cleaning services

  1. Follow up

One thing you should know is that this isn’t the last spring in the world. There would be another one next year, and another, and another, and so it goes. More spring means more spring cleaning season, and just as the saying goes… ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’, the fact you carry out spring cleaning service every year doesn’t mean you should leave your house dirty till the next spring cleaning season. By doing so, you are merely punishing yourself as the task would only be more overwhelming and difficult when you eventually decide to do it. Imagine scrubbing the floors of a toilet that has accumulated over eleven months’ worth of dirt. Not a pretty sight right?

To ensure you don’t start looking for the best cleaners in Manchester next year, you need to do regular follow up to the one you do this year. It doesn’t have to be something so elaborate. Simply dusting and cleaning your house every two to three days is enough to do the trick.

There we have it folks! All you need to know about spring cleaning season and how to make the most effective use of it. Till next time… Happy Spring Cleaning Season!

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