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Supporting both homeowners and cleaners throughout the Greater Manchester area, aims to offer a reliable, professional online booking facility that allows local cleaners who are searching for more cleaning work to be matched with local homeowners seeking cleaning services. This explains why they are often called “mini-UBER for the cleaning industry”. To celebrate the firm’s recognition in this year’s SME Top 100 programme we provide an overview of the services that can be booked via their platform.

Since its inception, FirstMaid has established a reputation for excellence in organising residential cleaning across all Greater Manchester postcode areas. This is due to the firm’s clear and open pricing structure, with all of its registered cleaners’ rates viewable on the firm’s easy-to-use website. Materials and equipment are included in price and provided by the cleaners as standard. Quality is also a key focus for the firm, and it works hard to source talented, experienced cleaners who are willing to work hard to exceed their clients’ expectations and clean their home in a professional manner.

As part of its commitment to offer all registered users a cutting-edge service that meets their needs and can be tailored around their busy lifestyles, the firm has spent a great deal of time developing its website into a resource for its users. The team believe that by booking cleaners in Manchester and the surrounding area through homeowners will receive great service at a sensible and affordable price. “We are an online booking platform yet with most of the operations still being done by a human. We are not just another App with full automation that often goes wrong – we never wanted to go this route”, says Pawel Zaporowski, Managing Director of FirstMaid.

From general cleaning services and specific solutions, such as carpet or oven cleaning through to deep cleaning, FirstMaid can organise it all, and is able to deliver quality service and support through its online portal. Each and every cleaner listed on platform is of the highest possible calibre and works alongside their client to ensure that they receive the service they need to enjoy a fresh and revitalised home.

Cleans can be offered as regularly as clients need, so that in addition to one-off visits and intensive cleans they can maintain their property on a weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis. Throughout it all, the FirstMaid team will liaise with the client to ensure they receive the cleaning plan that they desire.

Overall, thanks to its client-focused approach to organising cleaning services FirstMaid has achieved incredible success over the years and looking to the future the firm will remain committed to enhancing this and building an even larger presence throughout the Greater Manchester area and beyond.

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